FANB disabled Tancol plane that violated Venezuelan airspace in Apure

FANB disabled Tancol plane that violated Venezuelan airspace in Apure

The members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) disabled this Wednesday an aircraft belonging to the group Armed Terrorists Narcotraffickers of Colombia (Tancol) that flagrantly violated at low level, the Venezuelan airspace in the state of Apure.

The information was supplied by the strategic operational commander of the FANB, general in chief, Domingo Hernandez Larezthrough his account on the social network Twitter, in which he highlighted that it is the 21st aircraft disabled so far in 2022.

«FANB disables plane No. 21 of the year 2022, which flagrantly violated the Venezuelan airspace of the Apure state at low altitude, trying to circumvent the radars, without authorization from the Maiquetía FIR and without an identification code or transponder. Venezuela will be respected !!!» Hernandez Larez noted.

In another message, the plane of the criminal group TANCOL was identified.

“TANCOL invading aircraft, violator of sovereign airspace !!!” published the strategic operational commander of the FANB along with a video showing the aircraft in full unauthorized flight.

“TANCOL plane detected at low altitude and pursued by FANB K-8 plane, after having violated the sovereignty of Venezuelan airspace and traveling with a transponder turned off without an identification code,” he specified in the following message.

“The FANB remains deployed exercising sovereignty, providing peace and calm to our population. The people safeguarding their people. Hurry is ours,” added Hernández.

Another cylinder deactivated

Also on Wednesday, in the Caño Hondo sector of the Páez municipality, Apure, engineering sappers from the FANB they deactivated a cylinder with explosives that had been left by TANCOL groups under a bridge.

The work of deactivation and clearing the territory of explosives They are part of the actions that the FANB has been carrying out in the cross-border axes of the country to put an end to drug trafficking and the Tancol groups that from Colombia intend to invade the spaces of the national territory.

As the President of the Republic will recall, Nicholas Madurourged the FANB to keep the national territory free of drug trafficking, and ordered to declare the year 2022, 100% free of the Tancol and their actions in the country.

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