Fan with ice: this is how Cubans manage to survive the heat

MIAMI, United States. — The oppressive summer heat has forced Cubans with fewer resources to look for alternatives to cool their homes. Wilder Frómeta Romero, a resident of the town of Mabujabo, in the Guantanamo municipality of Baracoa, attests to this.

In the absence of air conditioning, which is not profitable at current electricity rates, Frómeta Romera tries to alleviate the situation with a fan, two plastic bottles and ice.

As long as the electricity supply allows it, the villager installs a system that allows his fan to give him cold air. It is an artisan invention that at least helps you survive the high temperatures inside your home.

“I ventilate my room for two or three hours. When there is no current I cannot do any of this, I have to continue sleeping on the balcony”, explained the man from Baracoa.

Like many other Cubans, Wilder Frómeta Romero lives in poverty and without a source of income that allows him to pay for basic necessities.

“I am just another ordinary Cuban, quite needy. My jobs have been to invent. The salary is nothing. I don’t know how to buy food, imagine the clothes, “the man lamented.

Wilder also does not have access to the stores that sell items in freely convertible currency (MLC), a reality that greatly tarnishes their quality of life.

“I had a job, but you know what the laws and situations are like here. The salary they pay you is not satisfactory, it doesn’t give you anything, you have to live on the invention compulsorily. And right now I can’t find a job anywhere,” he noted.

Luckily, his ingenuity has allowed him to manage to get some fresh air, although he insists that it is only as long as there are no blackouts.

“It is a necessary emergency to be able to live, because if I cannot sleep. The heat here is stifling.”

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