FAN continues fighting against the "Tancol" and remains silent on the death of "Gentil Duarte"

FAN continues fighting against the “Tancol” and remains silent on the death of “Gentil Duarte”

From the Strategic Operational Command of the FAN they still do not report how many have been apprehended in their operations or details about when and where they are carried out. Operation Bolivarian Shield began in Apure in January 2021

According to the head of the Strategic Operational Command of the National Armed Forces (CEO-FAN), Domingo Hernandez Larezthe military corps continues its fight against the Tancol or armed terrorist drug traffickers from Colombia, the most recent description for the irregular armed groups that make life on the Colombian-Venezuelan border.

Throughout the week the official boasted about operations in which, according to the unverified official version, explosive devices and narcotic materials were seized.

He insists on blaming the government of Iván Duque for not controlling the insurgents, although the alleged dismantling of camps and “cambuches” that he reports are in Venezuelan territory.

The Minister of Defense of Colombia, Diego Molano, assured this week that intelligence bodies of that country confirmed death in an explosive attack of the leader of the FARC dissidents, alias Gentil Duarte, which occurred in a camp in Zulia state, in Venezuelan territory.

The leader of the CEO-FAN does not report on arrests or casualties. Neither mentioned if the operations correspond to the same day that the audiovisual materials are published or if the actions are executed in the same place.

The NGO Fundaredes has been insistent in denouncing the inaction of the Venezuelan State in combating the Colombian guerrillas in Apure. More recently, as a result of the operations of the FAN, it has denounced the excesses that the military commit against the civilian population.

Since January 2022, the FAN has carried out the Bolivarian Shield 2022 operation “Vuelvan Caras” in the area, in which, according to Hernández Lárez, more than 10,000 men have been deployed.

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This week, Hernández Lárez reported that some 30 explosive devices were deactivated near the Arauca River, located between the states of Apure and Bolívar. He detailed that “drums, cartridges, gas cylinders and other artifacts” were found in the operation, the official wrote on May 27.

He also asserted that the National Armed Forces “will destroy all kinds of structures associated with Colombian criminal groups that invade this territory of peace.”

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The military reported that the FAN seized 10,000 liters of chemicals used for drug processing in Apure state, bordering Colombia. and that were destroyed in camps of alleged Colombian criminals. However, he did not detail what type of substances were found or if the operation led to the arrest of those allegedly involved.

In recent weeks, Hernández has reported the discovery of camps of Colombian irregular groups, seizures of drugs, explosives and weapons, as well as the neutralization of aircraft related to illegal incursions into Venezuelan territory and drug trafficking.

On May 25, he spoke on his social networks about an action of reconnaissance and patrolling in the José Antonio Páez municipality of Apure state where the FAN would have dismantled a deposit with 10,000 liters of acetone, precursors for the production of cocaine, and 5kg of explosive material.

“We will dust off all the drug trafficking structures on Venezuelan soil with which they have caused so much damage to our people and with their debris we will repair the roads full of craters from the explosives,” was another of the tweets that did not detail whether it was a different operation. .

Domínguez Hernadez Lárez mentioned the operation “Relámpago del Catatumbo”, in which Tancol infrastructures in Zulia state were destroyed.

He also made reference to the “Boquete Cacique Manaure” operation, in which illegal tracks were left unusable in Falcón. There was also talk of the destruction of a “cambuche of Colombian bandits on the cross-border axis.”

What the FAN official hides

Not on May 26, much less on May 27, did General Hernández Lárez refer to the death of alias “Gentil Duarte”

His true identity was Miguel Santanilla Botache, 58 years old, He was the head of the so-called FARC-EP dissidents, a group that did not accept the peace agreement signed in 2016 between the Colombian State and the extinct guerrilla. Although he participated in the peace negotiations, Santanilla did not activate it and quickly resumed arms and drug trafficking, concentrating his criminal activities in the east and southeast of Colombia.

The director of the police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, assured later that the first verifications indicate that there was an explosion in the place where “Gentil Duarte” was found.

“Gentil Duarte”, according to the Colombian authorities, sought refuge in Venezuela after operations against dissidents in Colombia. “This is one more proof, if this fact is confirmed, that the (Nicolás) Maduro regime protects terrorist groups and drug traffickers on its soil and does not fight them”Molano added.

The string of tweets continued.

“The land of Venezuela is not for sale, nor will it be rented or transferred under any imaginable figure, the FANB will guarantee territorial integrity and will destroy all Tancol structures present in Venezuela,” reads another tweet from the official, published on May 23. accompanied by a video in which a structure explodes.
No details about the operations are offered either. In the past, the FAN has opted for opacity in its operations despite the fact that they are acts of public interest.
On May 23, Hernández reported the arrest of a woman who was carrying the “Tancol ointment” and that it would be made up of cocaine, marijuana and arnica. He did not specify in which part of the country but the photograph where the citizen appears from behind appears with a sign indicating that the image was captured in a Zulia ZODI No. 1 commando.

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