Family of Nicaraguan brothers kidnapped in Mexico collects part of the money demanded by the criminal cartel

Family of Nicaraguan brothers kidnapped in Mexico collects part of the money demanded by the criminal cartel

Five thousand dollars have been able to get the relatives of the brothers Heysell Linet Y Julmer Martinez Hernandez, originating from the community of Santa Rosa, municipality of Jalapa, in Nueva Segovia, to deposit them with Mexican kidnappers and that the Nicaraguan migrants can stay alive or be released. The first part of the cash was deposited on Monday, December 5.

The relatives of the victims revealed to the communication medium 100% Noticias that initially the criminal cartel demanded 30,000 dollars, however the relatives “managed to raise awareness” and reduce it to 16,000.

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Karla Patricia Martínez, a cousin of the kidnapped youth, said that after delivering the money, they were able to establish contact and know that “thank God” their fingers and hands are intact.

“They made us a video call and told us that they were fine, but we saw the worry and fatigue on their faces. Thank God we saw that they had their fingers and their hands,” revealed the relative of the young Nicaraguans.

Attached to their Christian faith, the relatives of the two mirantes affirmed that they have “maintained in prayer and have tried to negotiate the release of both brothers since they learned of the kidnapping in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.”

Economic crisis forced them to leave Nicaragua

The Martínez Hernández brothers —according to their cousin Karla Martínez— left Nicaragua, forced by the economic crisis in the country. Their objective was to reach Los Angeles, California.

“They went with a coyote, but we believe that this coyote did not pay the cartels and that is why they kidnapped them, well that is what people have told us,” Martínez told the digital media.

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The youths left Nicaragua on November 13, however, on December 1, their relatives were notified that both had been kidnapped in Ciudad Juárez.

In a video that has gone viral, both brothers tearfully beg their parents to get the money to pay the ransom, stating that if they don’t, they will be murdered.

Mexican cartel kidnaps two Nicaraguan brothers. They ask for a reward to free them

In the same images, the Martínez Hernández brothers can be seen sitting and crying, while a person points a gun at them.

Any help can deposit it in bank accounts in the name of Darwin Calixto Vanegas Naira: 100 2131 0102 457 in Banpro dollars and in cordobas: 117 0642 44 de La Fise.

In this 2022 there are thousands of Nicaraguans who have decided to leave Nicaragua, due to the crisis that the country is experiencing or due to the persecution carried out by the Daniel Ortega regime. Many citizens have drowned in the Rio Grande, others are victims of extortion and kidnapping.

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