Analysts urge citizens not to have a "short memory" by voting for corrupt again

Analysts urge citizens not to have a “short memory” by voting for corrupt again

Next December 18 are the presidential internships, where the next candidates for the National Congress will also be elected.

On the part of the ruling party, there are several candidates with backgrounds such as Miguel Cuevas. The current deputy was accused of illicit enrichment and false statement. The politician was held in the Specialized Group for allegedly embezzling around G. 5,000 million when he was governor of Paraguarí.

Another questioned candidate is Javier Zacarías Irún. The current senator was dismissed from cases that were related to acts of corruption, breach of trust and illicit enrichment. He is currently facing a trial for false statement, it remains to be defined whether his case will go to trial or not.

On the part of Chartism, questioned candidates such as Silvio “Beto” Ovelar are presented. The current national senator for the ANR was filmed in April 2013, negotiating the purchase of votes. The video shows the legislator talking with a Liberal leader to mediate the payment of G. 100,000 for each Liberal who is not going to vote. Due to this situation, he received the nickname “apu’a treatment”.

Basilio “Bachi” Núñez, current deputy, was denounced in 2018 by residents of Villa Hayes for illicit enrichment. However, the case has not progressed to date. The complaint mentions that “Bachi” set up a shipyard and acquired several properties since he entered the public service in 2006.


Carlos Peris, a sociologist, affirmed that although anyone can be a candidate for elective positions. However, they are suspected people, with open processes

“Impunity continues to exist in Paraguay. This happens, to a large extent, due to a failure of the Paraguayan judicial system ”, he affirmed.

He maintained that the electorate has a short memory, but explained that this situation occurs due to the fact that they have needs that are filled by empty promises.

“Many times the media have an impact but not all the informative impact that it has in a rural area reaches. It is a poorly informed electorate, an electorate imprisoned by electoralist politicians. poorly informed,” she maintained.


Esther Roa, a social activist, maintained that she feels very identified with this situation, since her group was the one that carried out the follow-up so that the case of Víctor Bogado does not remain in nothing.

“I am concerned that citizens have a short memory. We see that they always vote for the same ones. Citizenship is required to be questioned. Those who say that they are not going to vote, those are the people who must go out and vote to really be the change. The PLRA and the ANR have their hard and prebendary votes. The pointer who is already thinking about how much he is going to collect, money that will last him two days but will pawn our country for five years, ”he said.


The political scientist Selva Castiñeira, affirmed for her part that the unblocking of lists will be essential to change the same actors as always.

“I see very interesting resumes, with the unlocking of lists you will have the possibility of choosing the best. I had to interview very knowledgeable people, people who have been in Congress for years, people who know how to fill those positions, I had to interview them. Many of them get involved in politics and say they are tired of the same old business,” he noted.

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