Fake Cicpc arrested for defrauding merchants

Officials of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc), carried out intense field work until they captured an element that posed as an official of this police force in order to obtain financial gain, according to the director of the investigative body. , Commissioner Douglas Rico through the social network instagram.

The usurper of functions was identified as Miguel Ángel Prada Colonna (34), and he maintained his radius of action in the Pio Tamayo parish, in the Andrés Eloy Blanco municipality of Lara state.

Prada Colonna, presented a false Cicpc credential with the rank of detective, in addition to a bulletproof vest and a facsimile firearm plus some ammunition.
His modus operandi was to scam small merchants, asking them for money or other items, in exchange for providing security in the area.

The antisocial was arrested by the investigations of the Coordination of Investigations of Crimes Against People, located in Quibor.

After his capture, he was verified in the Police Investigation and Information System (Siipol), resulting in an extensive record that includes theft, fraud and identity theft, among others.

rescued baby

Officials from the Division for the Investigation of Crimes Against Women, Boys, Girls and Adolescents, managed to rescue a 7-month-old baby, kidnapped on the night of Saturday, April 29, when his mother was picking up her commercial stand in front of the bus station. Metro Fine Arts in Caracas.

The mother accused Nelly del Valle Plaz Bravo (28), who took advantage of the parent’s distraction to take the baby and flee in an unknown direction.

The investigations led to the Sucre parish, where Plaz Bravo was with the baby. The woman had told her partner that she would go to Guasipati to look for her seven-month-old son; while she was with the victim’s mother.

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