Fajardo was called lukewarm and booed for showing his blank vote

Fajardo was called lukewarm and booed for showing his blank vote

“Out, out”, “warm“. Whistles and boos was what he received Sergio Fajardo while casting his vote at the election post in El Poblado (Medellín), after showing the attendees his decision on the ballot: the blank vote.

Amidst the reproaches, Fajardo pointed out that the decision to vote blank was not made at the last minute.

“I explained the reasons for my vote, it was very clear what I was doing. I did it with all the calm of the case and all the conviction”, said.

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The decision comes after Fajardo’s failed attempt to ally with the presidential campaign of Rodolfo Hernández for the second electoral round, which was not possible since the former mayor of Bucaramanga indicated that the Centro Esperanza coalition was seeking to change its government plan to a great extent.

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Through Twitter, several users recorded the scene that occurred at the Inem José Félix de Restrepo school, where the former candidate voted.

Faced with the questions, Fajardo decided to speak out through his Twitter account. There he wrote: “Some people yelled at me at the polling station: my blank vote bothered them. They are angry and we have to understand them, patiently, without responding in their own terms. We cannot fall into the trap of violence that grows with polarization. Let’s take care of Colombia.”


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