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Facilitate non-commercial imports among the priorities of the General Customs in 2023


Facilitating the activity of economic actors in foreign trade, promoting technological modernization and keeping Cuba as a safe destination are the priorities of the General Customs of the Republic for 2023, according to reports from national media.

Nelson Cordovés Reyes, head of the Cuban Customs, said at a press conference that the entity will seek to guarantee an adequate balance between the security of the country and the facilitation for the non-commercial importation of food, medicines and toiletries.

In this direction, an airport communication project (Aircop) was implemented in 2022, with which the detection and interception of drugs, other illicit goods and terrorism was strengthened.

In accordance with Latin Pressin 2022, 15 drug trafficking operations were frustrated as part of the implementation of the zero tolerance policy for this scourge that is applied in Cuba.

Through Aircop, a tool that could reach the Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport in Varadero in the future, it was possible to strengthen mobilization links with other nations in the area.

Yamila Martínez Morales, general director of Customs processes, assured that “the needs of technical means of detection are covered to guarantee the security inspections of cargo, passengers and their luggage.”

Thanks to this, they have managed to identify the items subject to facilitation, reducing the average stay time in air terminals to 35 minutes per traveler.

“During the year that just ended, more than 85% of the travelers who arrived on the Island, on average, transited through the green Customs channel, which avoided unnecessary delays at the facilities and also expedited passenger traffic. and load across the border,” Granma said.

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