Accident on Line 3 of the CDMX Metro: the transport alternatives that Semovi recommends

Accident on Line 3 of the CDMX Metro: the transport alternatives that Semovi recommends

The collision of two convoys of the Line 3 of the Mexico City Metro which left a woman dead and 57 injured, also affected the users of this means of transport since the section of Green Indians a Warrior remains out of service, while provisional operations are maintained from the Tlatelolco to Universidad stations, as reported by the Collective Transport System (STC) Subway.

To support users, the Mobility Secretariat of Mexico City (semovi) announced some of the alternatives and services enabled so that citizens can move from north to south in the capital of the country in which the Collective Transportation System defines when the operations of the bus would be restored. section of Line 3 affected after the incident.

Transport alternatives and support services for Metro users:


The local Mobility Secretary, Andrés Lajous, explained that Metrobus line 3 in the Indios Verdes- Pueblo Santa Cruz section, Atoyac will change its route and provide service from Indios Verdes to Balderas; however, he warned that the Potrero station of Line 1 of the Metrobús is out of service.

Meanwhile, the semovi remember that a relatively “parallel” route and alternative to Line 3 of the Metro is the Metrobus Line 1 since it runs from north to south with the route from Indios Verdes to El Caminero.

Passenger Transport Network (RTP)

The RTP service offers free transfers in both directions on the routes from Indios Verdes to Tlatelolco and Indios Verdes to Hidalgo.


The Trolleybus supports users with the Dr. Pascua-La Raza-Indios Verdes route, traveling along the avenues of Montevideo and Insurgentes Norte. The units will be located in front of the Cablebús Line 1 station and will circulate through Montevideo and Insurgentes Norte towards Dr. Pascua.

The semovi remembered that the Trolleybus Line 5 (San Felipe de Jesús-Metro Hidalgo) is also an alternative for moving from the north of the City to the downtown area.

This line runs through the city from north to south, on Avenida Valle Alto, Orizaba, Villa de Ayala, Avenida Estado de Zacatecas, Avenida Constitución de la República, State of Baja California Sur, Avenida José Loreto Fabela, Camino a San Juan de Aragón, Calzada San Juan de Aragón, February 5, Cantera, Moctezuma, Calzada Misterios, Calzada de Guadalupe, Paseo de la Reforma, Valerio Trujano and Avenida Hidalgo. Its origin is the San Felipe de Jesús neighborhood and its destination is the Hidalgo Metro station.


The Line 4 of the Mexibus which part of the Terminal UMB/Tecamac to Indios Verdes will extend its service Indios Verdes to Buenavista. This line will use the confined lane of the Metrobús so that users of this system can reach the center of the City.

The authorities explained that users who wish to use this alternate service from Buenavista will only be able to board at the station located in Insurgentes.

When will all Metro Line 3 service be restored?

This Saturday afternoon, in a brief press conference, the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that it will not be until the expert work on this accident is completed, when the STC can define the date on which operations are normalized Subway Line 3.

“About the Metro service, we will be reporting later, by the time all the expert reports are finished, the Mexico City Metro will be there to be able to give them information on whether it will be restored tomorrow,” said Sheinbaum.

Later, in an information card, the STC reported that the expert opinion carried out by the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office continues and that once it is concluded, the maneuvers to withdraw the trains and the restoration of the service will begin.

“The engineer Guillermo Calderón gave the instruction to start the work for the reopening immediately the work to restart the operation begins, which also implies the verification of the track and signaling equipment,” said the Metro Collective Transportation System.

Without yet defining a date for the reestablishment of operations, the STC said that the inspection and tests for the reopening of the affected section of Line 3 of the Metro will be in charge of its engineers and technicians from the areas of rolling stock and tracks.

Meanwhile, on his social networks, Guillermo Calderón, director of the STC Metro, said that he has dedicated himself to coordinating the maneuvers for the reopening of Line 3 once the expert opinion is concluded.

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