Face-to-face classes: What to do to achieve the return of the entrance fee?

Face-to-face classes: What to do to achieve the return of the entrance fee?

The return to the and many parents are already thinking of changing schools for their children, but are still stuck in the process of returning the entrance fee.

Because, Aña Peña, director of the National Authority for Consumer Protection of Indecopitold the Andina agency that the only payments that are mandatory in the educational service of a private school are: the entrance fee, tuition and pension.

Only the admission fee can be returned, since it is a very high payment, which gives the student the right to obtain a vacancy and remain in the private educational institution until the completion of their studies at said campus. If the private school refuses to return this amount, it will incur an infraction liable to sanction.

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What amount corresponds to me?

One aspect to note is that there is a formula for reimbursement, a formula prepared by the Ministry of Education, which takes into account the time the student spends in the private school, counted from the student’s admission or first enrollment.”, explained Aña Peña.

The important thing is that this aspect is regulated. There is no possibility for the school to say no, because it is a right of the families to be able to access the return of this payment, in accordance with the formula established by the Minedu”, he added.

In case of transfer or voluntary withdrawal of the student, the private school must return the admission fee proportionally to the time of stay of the student, unless the user of the service maintains an outstanding debt.

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What to do if you do not return in money?

  1. Parents must inform the corresponding UGEL, as well as Indecopi, which is totally free and virtual, by entering this link or writing to the email
  2. The length of time this process will take must be agreed with the director of the school. “If the amount to be returned is greater than one UIT, the term should not exceed 6 months from the time the school and the parent had the agreement”, said the expert.
  3. After the claim, we go to the school and promote a conciliation hearing that is also virtual. Pena assures: “We work so that your claim is resolved in that hearing, where there is the participation of a representative of Indecopi”.
  4. If the hearing fails, a summary process must be filed, of around 40 days, time in which the response of the decision-making body could be obtained. If you proceed with the complaint, you must pay a fee of 36 soles.

We have a good acceptance of the conciliation hearings, but we also have the families that have filed complaints. As data, in 2021 we received 827 claims against 394 schools. Of them, 70.4% are educational centers in Lima and 29.6% in regions”, expressed the expert.


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