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Face to face

Face to face

About the vehicular rearrangement that has so many feints, so many meetings are held and so many promises they swore to keep, the week ended in debate. While in the city of La Paz to achieve decongestion, the restriction on circulation in the center is determined by license plate number. Those that end in 1 and 2 do not enter the center on Mondays, those that end in 3 and 4 on Tuesdays, and so on, until Friday, 9 and 0. This improves traffic, the environment and the quality of life in the people. Practical and simple measure that seeks to reduce vehicle flow per day to 27,000 units. It is not a single determination, many capitals have resolved it that way despite claims and complaints, but it is progressing and it has been proven that it works.

But to take action, it is good to know how the rolling mass of the public vehicle fleet in Santa Cruz de la Sierra is composed, and the surprises were several. Did you know that more than 60% of public transport has been in use for 30 years, 17% for more than two decades and only 14% is less than 5 years old? Perhaps for a better service it would be that this last segment should be a little more than 60%, that is to say the other way around. Another interesting fact: there are 8,000 buses and only 4,800 are registered, and of the 12,000 truffis that roam freely, just over half are registered. As if that were not enough, the Mayor’s Office publicly confessed that they have counted 35,000 taxi units, but that in reality there are 60,000. So much irregularity was allowed by someone. So now we will have to put the bell on the cat.

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