On trial day, deputy Daniel Silveira again criticizes STF

Supreme Court sets for April pardon judgment of Daniel Silveira

The President of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Minister Rosa Weber, scheduled for April 13 the judgment on the legality of the pardon granted by former President Jair Bolsonaro to Daniel Silveira. The minister is the rapporteur for actions filed by political parties that contested the measure.Supreme Court sets for April pardon judgment of Daniel Silveira

In May of last year, Bolsonaro issued a decree that granted constitutional grace to the sentence of former federal deputy Daniel Silveira (PTB-RJ), a supporter of the then president and member of his base in the Chamber.

The decree was published on April 21, one day after the parliamentarian was sentenced by the Supreme Court to eight years and nine months in prison for the crimes of trying to prevent the free exercise of Powers and coercion in the course of the process.

Then, the Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, stated that the Constitution gave the President of the Republic “broad freedom” to grant pardon for convictions through pardon and grace. On the other hand, parties that opposed the Bolsonaro government maintained that the measure was illegal to benefit Daniel Silveira.

Currently, he is arrested for violating house arrest rules. The arrest order was given by the STF minister, Alexandre de Moraes, after the former deputy damaged the electronic ankle bracelet he is obliged to wear, and made new attacks against the Supreme Court and the Brazilian electoral system, in videos released on the internet and in speech in the Chamber of Deputies.

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