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December 19, 2021
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FAB captain docked 2 times, neighbors grabbed him and beat him

FAB captain docked 2 times, neighbors grabbed him and beat him

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The captain of the Bolivian Air Force (FAB) José Andrés Casanova carried out, in less than a week, two armed robberies, in which he stole money from a postal company and a vehicle dealership in Cochabamba; It is being investigated if it is linked to a third criminal act. In the latest robbery, neighbors and passersby managed to arrest him, but they beat him unconscious and he is now in intensive care.

“We want to report the apprehension of Mr. José Andrés Casanova, 36 years old, of military profession, who according to the investigations carried out through the use of security cameras and the recognition by the victims, is responsible for two cases of aggravated robbery in the capital of Cochabamba with a firearm ”, informed yesterday the Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo.

The FAB captain was arrested on Friday at approximately 2:50 p.m. by passers-by and neighbors who surrounded him and beat him as he tried to flee, after he had robbed the offices of the Imcruz vehicle dealership. In the melee, Casanova fired 11 times and wounded a cleaning worker from the company with two bullet wounds, who received a bullet in the shoulder and another in the leg.

First strike

The first robbery in which Casanova was identified took place at the agency of the DHL mail company, on Ballivián Avenue in that city, on December 12. At approximately 1:00 p.m., he entered those offices posing as a client, but took out his firearm and reduced the security guard and the cashier.

According to the videos of the security cameras, after entering the offices, the military man threw his backpack towards the cashier and had her put the loot of 19,617 bolivianos and 2,756 dollars there, and then fled the crime scene. At that time there were no injuries.

Second robbery

On Friday, less than a week after the first robbery, the FAB captain again carried out another robbery, but this time he would be arrested. The security cameras captured his entry to the vehicle dealership at 2:44 p.m. and the scene of the first event was repeated.

After throwing the backpack at the cashier, it is observed how she carries the weapon with both hands and unfolds according to her military training, while the official hands her 6,000 Bolivians and 130 dollars. Once with the loot in the bag, he uses the woman as a shield and forces her to accompany him to the door.

The images show other officials lying face down on the floor, frightened by the offender.

Later, on the run, alone, neighbors and passersby surround him and subdue him. Del Castillo, in time to congratulate the courageous action of the citizens, reflected on the “heroic act”, which could have cost the lives of nine other people, as two of the projectiles hit an Imcruz official. The minister stated that it was a patrolman who had to rescue the military from the brutal beating that the neighbors were giving him and that caused him to be admitted to intensive care.

Third fact

“We must state that we are analyzing the scene of another crime. We collect the corresponding images to verify if this person participated in a third crime in recent months in the municipality of Cochabamba. This person acted unilaterally, had training, “informed the minister.

They are also looking for a vehicle that probably should have been used by the military, on whose clothes keys with FAB logos were found. So far it is believed that the captain operated alone and no one else is known to have been involved.

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