FA denounces that for the government everything is fine but the quality of life of the people worsened

FA denounces that for the government everything is fine but the quality of life of the people worsened

President of the FA, Fernando Pereira.
President of the FA, Fernando Pereira.

The Broad Front carried out a two-year evaluation of the multicolored coalition government and analyzed the speech of the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, before the General Assembly.

In this sense, the president of the FA, Fernando Pereira, stated that “very different realities are experienced”.

“What will a teacher think when they tell her that ‘they didn’t put their hands in her pocket’? If in the first year of government they worked the same days, but they received 19 days less in the year,” she questioned.

I ask: “What would they have said if the teachers had stopped the 19 days that they did not pay their wages?”

He pointed out that there was a tax increase when applying the VAT discount due from 4 to 2% and when modifying the bases for calculating personal income tax. “The speech omitted the majority of Uruguayans who are workers, retirees and pensioners.”

“It is inconsistent to state that there was no damage to the pockets of the workers. They don’t need me to translate it, because when they go to the store they see that a dozen eggs cost 150 pesos, a kilo of minced meat about 400 pesos, and a liter of oil 120 pesos. In addition, fuels rose more than 30%”, he remarked.

parallel realities

Pereira said: “This is what Uruguayans feel when they see parallel realities, on the one hand the government’s discourse stating how well it went, and on the other hand looking at their home and seeing how their quality of life worsened.”

He added that the government applied a “very unfair” fiscal adjustment by cutting wages and investments. “The drop in wages was 100 million dollars and the investment cut of 200 million dollars.”

In addition, he remarked that “for the first time in 20 years, tens of thousands of people appeared who fed themselves in the popular pots.”

The president of the FA questioned that in Lacalle’s presentation before Parliament, the “unjustified concession of the port of Montevideo to a private international company, without legal and economic reports” was not mentioned either.

“The message ignored the main needs of the people, which are their salary, retirement, and the vulnerable circumstances of thousands of families who fed themselves in popular pots. It was said that the scourge of domestic violence has not diminished, which is revealing of the violence that we men have and that it must be corrected immediately,” Pereira pointed out.

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