Exports reach $12,632 million, the highest "peak" in history, says the Government

Exports reach $12,632 million, the highest “peak” in history, says the Government

December 29, 2022, 12:59 PM

December 29, 2022, 12:59 PM

The country registers important numbers in foreign trade. The Government reported that Bolivian exports in 2022 reached $12,632 million, which is considered the highest peak in history, according to a report by the ABI agency.

“This year we have had the highest peak recorded in the entire history of our country, in terms of exports we have reached an amount of $us 12,632 million”, asserted the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, Benjamín Blanco.

The authority explained that this increase even exceeds the 2021 record by up to 29%. Meanwhile, compared to the 2020 management, these export figures doubled.

Additionally, Blanco reported that imports reached $10,807 million, which leaves the country a “positive trade balance” of $us 825 million, between imports and exports.

He highlighted that the main products exported are manufactures in more than 50%, in addition to processed agricultural products and processed minerals, among others.

According to the authority, the increase occurs in volume and value, especially in non-traditional products, including those derived from soybeans, chestnuts and others.

Along these lines, he revealed that the bovine meat exports reached $us 120 million. However, he stressed that this product was previously guaranteed for the Bolivian population.

“We have reached a record in our meat exports, we have reached $120 million in beef exports,” Blanco said.

He remarked that these The results are “encouraging” because they show economic stability and that the country is more productive.

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