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Explosive discarded in the Palace of Justice

The Director of Technology of the TSJE, Fausto Von Streber, said that the TSJE’s request for the provision of funds in order to maintain the rapid election count scheme is important for the maintenance of the system.

He justified the purchase of elements that constitute the structure of the TREP, alleging that it will be essential for it to continue generating accelerated results, which allows transparency in electoral processes.

“We don’t want voting machines to be connected to a network for more security. We want to scan the TREP minutes to also publish with signatures of table members”, von Strenner said.

On the other hand, the official stated that
it does not manage the figure of the damage caused by the fire of a part of the TSJE building.

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Von Streber pointed out that for the internal elections of the parties, around 14 thousand voting machines will be used. That is the number that remained after the fire that “devoured” 7,500 machines, a figure that is now in question.

The investigation of experts around the fire, is to start producing an opinion from this week.

The matter entered the wave of suspicion again, after leaks that speak that the fire could have been provoked.

The Comptroller General of the Republic, Camilo Benitez, had announced that the refusal of the TSJE to submit to an investigation by the Comptroller’s Office, regarding expenses, will force him to resort to the Court of Justice, to enforce the mandate that corresponds to him.

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