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Exemplary sentence for a man who killed his ex: he was a fugitive for 5 years until he turned himself in

The agent Prosecutor Katia Uemura got the sentence of 27 years in prison for a man for the punishable act of Aggravated Intentional Homicide. The man identified as Aldo Alexis Portillo was accused of the murder of his ex-wife, identified as Zulma Meza.

According to the background, the incident occurred inside a house located on Benjamín Aceval and 12 de Junio, in the Luz Bella neighborhood of the city of Pedro Juan Caballero. The victim went to participate in a concert at the Amambay Expo, and returned home at 04:00 in the morning. There she was waiting for her ex-husband, with whom she had two children. An argument started, and the man he would have applied a total of nine knife thrusts to the womanwho died minutes later in the care center.

After committing the act, the subject fled. In December 2018, the wanted person went to the Pedro Juan Caballero Courthouse to voluntarily surrender. The convicted murderer did not say where he was all that time or what motivated him to turn himself in.

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The tax agent in the case explained that although it is a fact of femicidethe case did not obtain said qualification because when the case was opened, Law 5777/16 for the Comprehensive Protection of Women against all forms of violence was not yet in force.

Portillo now cHe will serve his sentence in the Pedro Juan Caballero Regional Penitentiary.

The Sentencing Court was made up of judges Mirna Soto González, as president, Marcelina Quintana de Acosta and Mirna Carolina Ocampos as titular members.

The entrance Exemplary sentence for a man who killed his ex: he was a fugitive for 5 years until he turned himself in was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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