Poder Ejecutivo designa a Juan Manuel Méndez director de Emergencias Médicas

Executive Power appoints Juan Manuel Méndez director of Medical Emergencies

The president of the Republic, Louis Abinaderappointed retired major general Juan Manuel Mendez García, as director of Medical emergencieson an honorary basis.

The Medical Emergency Department is part of National Health Service (SNS) and plays a fundamental role as one of the response institutions of the National Emergency and Security System 9-1-1, in charge of the timely dispatch of ambulances and personnel, on the occasion of the calls for help processed by the Center of System Contact 9-1-1.

The decree of designation, number 290-22, instructs in a special way the head of the Directorate of Medical Emergencies to ensure the efficient provision of the services required by this response institution of the National System of Attention to Emergencies and Security 9-1-1.

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It is remembered that several days ago Juan Manuel Mendez Garcia clarified the information about his resignation from his position at the Emergency Operations Center (COE).

«I would never give up protecting the people, you have to throw me out. I have always said that when an operation ends, it is the last, because I am exhausted », he assured.

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