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Ex-deputy Roberto Jefferson is already in Bangu prison

Former federal deputy Roberto Jefferson is already in the Pedrolino Werling de Oliveira prison, known as Bangu 8, in the Gericinó Complex. He arrived at night after the judge Airton Vieira, an instructor judge in the cabinet of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, confirmed at the custody hearing, by videoconference, the arrest of the former parliamentarian. The prison is the same, where on August 13 of last year, Jefferson was taken into action where anti-democratic acts in which he is a defendant are investigated.Ex-deputy Roberto Jefferson is already in Bangu prison

The politician spent the night in prison at the Benfica Prison, north of Rio, after being detained on Sunday (23) in Conselheiro Levy Gasparian, in the interior of Rio. He resisted the action of federal police officers who were serving an arrest warrant issued by Minister Alexandre de Moraes. Jefferson attacked, with rifle and grenade shots, a team of the Federal Police that was trying to carry out a preventive arrest warrant against him, issued by the minister the day before. Two police officers were injured. The arrest was made on Sunday night.

The arrest was held during a custody hearing held by the Federal Supreme Court (STF). The procedure was conducted via videoconference by the judge Airton Vieira, assistant judge in the cabinet of Minister Alexandre de Moraes. For the attack on the Federal Police team, Roberto Jefferson was indicted by the PF for four attempted murders and may become a defendant in a new process.

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