Evo Morales causes a stir in Bolivia for the theft of his cell phone

Evo Morales causes a stir in Bolivia for the theft of his cell phone

Bolivian former president of the left Evo Morales denounced this Monday the theft of his cell phone, during an event of his political party in which the Minister of the Interior was present, which caused a stir in bolivia.

“The theft of my cell phone occurred in an act that was attended by the Minister of Government, Fernando del Castillo, and his police security personnel,” Morales said.

He added that “we would not want to think that it is part of a planned attack to harm us.”

The political event of the ruler Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) was held on Sunday in a town in the department of Santa Cruz. He was surrounded by his militants and made a speech from an improvised proscenium.

Morales (2006-2019) has previously expressed his public criticism of the performance of Minister Del Castillo and his MAS party asked President Luis Arce for his removal, although the president did not echo the claims.

The former Aymara ruler also indicated that he has no “nothing to hide”but that “we will report any attempt to use frame-ups or misrepresentations against us.”

Del Castillo did not comment.

The influential MAS deputy, Juanito Angulo, pointed out that “it is the cell phone of an important, historical leader, a former president and of course he has important information.”

He even assured that “there are infiltrators” from the right in the acts of the ruling party and that he suspects that they must have the telephone.

The theft of the device prompted complaints from the opposition that the government sends a number of police officers to clarify the case and find the cell phone.

The opposition legislator, José Carlos Gutiérrez, pointed out that “the mobilization that is taking place on the part of the police for the loss of the cell phone is impressive.”

In his opinion, all this display “calls attention,” “because it seems that this cell phone is a gold mine to discover all its political and union connections.”

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