"Even the Brazilians wanted Messi to win the World Cup "

The president of the FIFA Foundation and former Argentine president, Mauricio Macriaffirmed this Tuesday in Santo Domingo that “never in life will 90% of soccer fans in the world be seen again” wishing that a player, Lionel Messi, win the World Cup as happened in Qatar.

Macri qualified to Messi as the “best player in the entire history of football”, assuring that the ‘Flea’ “has won everything” and maintains his “simple and familiar” lifestyle.

“It will never happen again”

“That will never happen again in the entire history of football (…) even the Brazilians themselves, with whom there is a great rivalry, wanted Messi to win the World Cup in Qatar with Argentina,” said the former president of Boca Juniors.

Messi, with the World Cup upon his arrival in Argentina after the World Cup

Messi, with the World Cup upon his arrival in Argentina after the World Cup

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The former Argentine president visited today the headquarters of the Dominican Football Federation and spoke with the Dominican media.

He said that “since he was a child” he had the idea of ​​becoming president of Boca Juniors, because he realized that “never” would be his ‘9’. “I told myself, if I don’t have the conditions to be the ‘9’ of Boca, then one day I will be its president and that will compensate me,” he said with a laugh, next to the president of the Federation, ruben garciaand that of the Dominican Football League (LDF), manuel star.

A statement from the Federation highlighted that during the meeting with the media and with managers of that entity and of the teams that make up the LDF, a theme was developed based on his experience as president of a club, ideas and strategies to solidify the foundations of a professional soccer league.

for the former president Macri soccer is an activity “with unbeatable power” and the serious and clear course of work will enhance the activity, the information specified.

Among the issues that he highlighted as a basis for solidifying the sport of soccer, he has to do with the training of talents. “The training of talent is paramount, it is the key to football, but it must be focused from teaching, in short, education must be comprehensive” he outlined Macri.

Dominican Republic qualified his Under-20 team for the World Cup, which, precisely, will be held in Argentina between May and Juneafter FIFA took away the venue from Indonesia.

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That classification was the first to a FIFA World Cup of any Dominican team in history. The Caribbean squad also got their ticket to the Olympic Games, also a milestone for local football.

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