Evangelical pastors met with Nito Cortizo and prayed for his health

This Tuesday afternoon, President Laurentino Cortizo received members of the Evangelical Alliance of Panama (AEP) made up of pastors from the main evangelical churches in the country, who visited him in order to pray for his health.

The president described the visit as “very valuable” and said he had felt the solidarity of many people, of different religions and even political opponents, adding that this is democracy.

Cortizo explained that when he took office “there was no way… since no other administration had received the country in worse fiscal conditions, eight months later the pandemic, the hurricanes and now the consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine,” Cortizo recalled.

At the same time, he told the pastors that he prays daily to thank God, asks him to open and illuminate his path, as well as wisdom, health and mental and physical strength to govern the country.

Pastor Gil Hernández said on behalf of the AEP that they are convinced that the fact that Laurentino Cortizo is the president of Panama at this time is not a coincidence, it is the will of God.

“God has placed you as president of more than four million Panamanians and he did it at this time so that you are the one who watches over the country in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic,” said the pastor on behalf of the group.

Gil Hernández also cited phrases said by Cortizo Cohen on March 19, 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, when the president asked the country to pray and that, according to the pastor, those words penetrated the people of faith in the country.

“Given the panorama that was presented in those days, I thought that if I am here it is for something and I am sure sir, that you are not going to leave me alone,” replied the ruler.

The Evangelical Alliance of Panama also presented the president with a bible dedicated by each of its members and books by Samuel Pagán, a Puerto Rican academic, a specialist in Bible translations, exegesis, theology and biblical teachings.

God first, with the prayers and affection that I have been receiving, I must be back to continue serving this country that I love so much, the president concluded.

In addition to Pastor Priciano Gil Hernández, who chairs the AEP, Pastor Judith De la Espriella de Gil from the International Ministry Jesús es Vida; Pastor Teresa de Pimentel of the Vida Nueva Family Center church, Pastor Ilya Carrera of the Quadrangular Church; Pastor Rupert Neblett; Pastor Patricio Edgehill, from the Adonai Missionary Center Family Ministry; Pastor Andrés Jean François of the World Missionary Movement Panama; Pastor Leovaldo Zurita of the Panama Adoration Cathedral and Pastor Rolando Rengifo Z. of the Full Gospel Church of God Council.

The meeting, held in the Peace Room of the Presidency of the Republic, was held at the request of the religious group of which more than 4,000 churches throughout Panama are part.

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