European Union renewed sanction against Maikel Moreno

European Union renewed sanction against Maikel Moreno

The European Union renewed the sanctions against Maikel Moreno, magistrate of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice.

The information is contained in a personal communication sent to Moreno’s legal representative, dated in Brussels on September 20.

The document refers to an annual review of the sanctioning measure issued by the Working Group on Latin America and the Caribbean, attached to the European Union.

The letter refers to Maikel Moreno as if he still held the presidency of the country’s highest court, a position he handed over last April to Judge Gladys Gutiérrez.

“In these functions, he has supported and facilitated government actions and policies that have undermined democracy and the State in Venezuela,” says the document at the time of justifying the renewal of sanctions.

About, Dark He is summoned to go to the European Union next October 4 where he must exercise his defense, according to the information contained in the documents.

As evidence, the document attached a copy of the Official Gazette 6,696 published on April 27, which contains the appointment of magistrates of the High Court.

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