EU mission denounces irregularities in elections in Venezuela

EU mission denounces irregularities in elections in Venezuela

The Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union, which has been in Venezuela, delivered his report on the elections that took place on Sunday.

The head of the mission, Isabel Santos, said they found “better conditions” than in other times, but that in any case they could verify “the fdischarge of judicial independence and non-adherence to the rule of law “.

It also affirms that some laws of the government of Nicolás Maduro “affected the equal footing, balance and transparency of the elections “.

Another observation is that the campaign “was marked by the extensive use of resources from the State for the support of candidates. “And to that he adds that there were no sanctions for those who went beyond the established limits or incurred in irregularities.

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Saints also spoke of “arbitrary disqualification of candidates administratively “, thus leadinguspenden the leaders and most recognized members of the opposition parties and controlling their logos in the card of vote.

On the shooting that occurred at a polling station in Zulia, the Mission described it as an isolated event.

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