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ETECSA limits the amount of top-ups through Transfermóvil

MAYABEQUE, Cuba.- Transfermóvil, the platform Conceived to make payments for public services and electronic commerce in Cuba, it limited the number of mobile top-ups to two a day this week.

Although the measure was not officially announced by ETECSA (Cuban Telecommunications Company), the state entity that developed the application, many users expressed their discontent through social networks.

“The incredible thing is that all the telecommunications companies in the world seek to make attractive offers, discounts, economic plans, cell phone offers, everything to attract and please their customers, but of course, that is provided by the competition. On the other hand, ETECSA excites its clients and when it sees that they are doing well, then it takes away the opportunity, that is only seen in Cuba, all the measures created to affect and annoy the people,” said Deivis Ponte, Transfermóvil user in the Facebook group “APK Transfermóvil ETECSA and Other banking procedures”, with more than 220,000 users.

The communications company allowed up to ten daily recharges. This feature, added to the ten percent discount for recharging electronically, was used by many to obtain a certain profit by recharging mobiles from their homes in the informal market.

When trying to recharge a mobile for the third time, the application responds with the following message: “Recharge failed. Only two recharges are allowed in the day.”

According to isolated answers from ETECSA officials to some of the users, the measure was carried out “to improve the operation of the application.”

“We inform you that they are restricted to two recharges per day through Transfermóvil and online services, the application of these adjustments on the platforms is made to guarantee their best functioning”, ETECSA is justified in one of its responses to the people.

In a call from CubaNet to ETECSA users, we received the same answer, without further details.

“We must unite and try to ensure that someone reads the complaint and disagreement with this measure because there are not a few of us who are affected, #Etecsa, we do not agree with only two refills a day,” said Yaquelin De La Caridad Rivero Domínguez, another user of the state monopoly.

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