Esteban Moctezuma highlights the importance of the EU-Mexico relationship

Esteban Moctezuma highlights the importance of the EU-Mexico relationship

“Americans wake up with Mexico, go about their day with Mexico, and sleep with Mexico every day. Because they eat, dress, drive a car, watch television and many of these products are Mexican”, assured the ambassador at the North Capital Forum that is being held in the Mexican capital.

“70% of mezcal is consumed in the United States, not in Oaxaca,” added the Mexican diplomat.

Ambassador Moctezuma also pointed out that stronger work must be done on migration, job skills, temporary workers, border security and speeding up crossings.

With regard to border security, he pointed out the need to equip border crossings with technology to make them more agile and more mobile.

In Laredo alone, “with technology we have detected more illegal substances in the last three months than in the last 5 years; we have also stopped the flow of weapons from the United States to Mexico,” he stressed.

When touching on the subject of investments, Moctezuma pointed out that the government is responsible for setting the rules and an adequate atmosphere for investment; private initiative has to comply with investment and development.

The North American Way

To take the bilateral relationship between Mexico and the United States towards the so-called north american waythe Mexican ambassador explained that, when the dependency under his charge paid attention to supply chains, they focused on what China produces and what the United States buys.

Another important point, added Moctezuma, is related to local production, that is, not to promote Mexico in the United States as a country, but to go state by state so that they make known their strengths and the agendas they have.

“It’s much easier when it’s local than when it’s federal,” he said.

Finally, he argued that it is necessary to develop a narrative that gets everyone hooked in order to build North America as a region.

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