EsSalud will provide teletriage and teleurgency for 130 thousand insured in Chincha

EsSalud will provide teletriage and teleurgency for 130 thousand insured in Chincha

The Social Security of Health (EsSalud) will launch next April a pilot plan in teletriage and teleurgency for the benefit of 130 thousand insured of Chincha.

This was announced by the executive president of EsSalud, Alegre Raúl Fonseca Espinoza, who came to the city to find out in situ the needs that exist in the Ica Assistance Network and seek immediate alternative solutions.

“We are coordinating with the National Telemedicine Center (CENATE) to provide this service to our policyholders starting in April. Cases of complexity level 3 and 4 will be attended, which are patients with minor ailments or illnesses “explained Fonseca Espinoza.

Along the same lines, the highest authority of Social Security reported that, given the high demand for cases of chronic kidney failure, a hemodialysis center will be implemented in the coming months, which is already an investment project.

The head of EsSalud inspected the various areas of the Hospital II René Toche Groppo of Chincha such as physical medicine and rehabilitation that has neurology, musculoskeletal injuries and hydrotherapy services, in which about 36 patients are treated per day with injuries, fractures, osteoarthritis, among other ailments.

He also toured the imaging area, where Room I and Room II for X-rays and ultrasound were inspected, as well as the tomography room, which has a 128-slice helical tomography machine for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients. To date, 5,000 tests have been carried out.

Subsequently, the Neonatology area was inspected, where four babies in good condition are currently being cared for. This area has the intermediate care service, eight incubators, lactation and adaptation area.

The operation of the oxygen plant was also supervised, which has a production capacity of five 10-cubic-meter balloons per hour to provide specialized medical care to mild and moderate patients affected by the coronavirus, and which operates 24 hours a day.

Then the entourage moved to the Felix Torrealva Gutierrez Hospital in Icawhich was used exclusively to treat patients COVID-19but, given the drop in cases, outpatient services, surgery, general medicine, ophthalmology, neurology, anesthesiology, complementary medicine, among others, have resumed at 70%, and it is expected that 100% will be reached by the end of April. .

I Maria Reiche Hospital in Marcona

In Ica, the executive president of It’s Health supervised the operation of the central warehouse and the cold chain for vaccines COVID-19which have had improvements in their infrastructure.

Finally, the delegation from the Social Security of Health also reviewed the model of the new Hospital I María Reiche N. of the Ica Healthcare Networkto be built in the Nazca province in the Marcona district, which will benefit 13,149 policyholders.

The category I-3 hospital will have outpatient services in the specialties of general medicine, gynecology, surgery and pediatrics), hospitalization, emergency, surgical center, clinical pathology, diagnostic imaging, pharmacy and rehabilitation medicine.

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