EsSalud implements 100 COVID-19 beds and medicine warehouse in Cusco hospital

EsSalud implements 100 COVID-19 beds and medicine warehouse in Cusco hospital

To face the third wave of infections by COVID-19, the Social Health Security (EsSalud) today inaugurated temporary hospitalization environments to care for patients with coronavirus at the Adolfo Guevara Velasco National Hospital of the Cusco Assistance Network.

The new environments have 100 beds with an oxygen point, a rest area and a dining room for healthcare personnel. The inauguration was headed by the Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion, Betssy Chávez, and the Executive President of EsSalud, Gino Dávila.

Dávila Herrera explained that the new environments have meant an investment of 3 million soles and have an oxygen supply through two cryogenic tanks and a 100 m3 per hour power plant, with 25 beds with high-flow cannulae.

The highest authority of It’s Health He also supervised the regional warehouse for medicines and strategic material of the Cusco Assistance Network.

Then, the entourage from Lima and the Cusco healthcare network supervised the operation of the modern molecular biology laboratory that has been implemented and is accredited by the National Institute of Health.

It has a capacity to process more than 200 daily molecular tests for the detection of COVID 19 with results issued in less than 12 hours. Likewise, the histocompatibility laboratory was visited, also accredited by the National Institute of Health, which will serve to speed up transplants in the aforementioned hospital.

As part of the fight against the third wave, the executive presidency of It’s Health has ordered the arrival of Hospital Peru to Cusco in order to join the care of patients with COVID-19.

The brigade is made up of 10 doctors, eight nurses, a technician, a technologist, who will stay for 10 days in the Imperial City.

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