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Enex announces generation of 600 new jobs in 11 departments

In this way, the multinational, in which the Cartes Group is a shareholder, continues to reaffirm its commitment to being an artery that generates jobs, in addition to training the personnel to be hired, since the quality of personalized attention at Enex service stations is a constant to follow.

Likewise, the brand is betting on an interesting participation in the market and also projects the fitting out of the largest service station in South America, which will be in the city of Villa Hayes on some four hectares.

“We have very good news regarding the generation of new jobs, which represent new opportunities for people. Pleasantly, the Cartes Group announced 600 new jobs, 20 jobs in the 30 new stations that are expected to open in the coming months in 11 departments of the country, one of them, the most important, is the one that will be in Remansito, on the way to Villa Hayes, which will have four hectares, is the largest in South America,” announced Enrique López Arce, an employment expert.

Enex announces generation of 600 new jobs in 11 departments

The contracted staff is previously trained to guarantee excellent personalized attention. Photo: File.

He announced that of these 30 service stations, it is expected that some will have the support of Upa! stores, Farmacenter or McDonald’s stores, so there will be positions for beachgoers, customer service for the store, cashiers and pharmacy service, an average of 20 personnel for each new location, according to what López Arce explained, in communication with La Nación-Nación Media.

“Through alliances with McDonal’s and Farmacenter, they announce that they will have a variety of job offers. The main ones, for the different stations, such as cashiers, merchandise repositories, administrative assistants, warehouse, mechanics and store managers, for each station it is expected to have approximately 20 vacancies for each station, ”he indicated.

The qualification of future service stations will be given before the end of the year; Through Enex’s digital platforms, the date of the authorization of each of the 30 stations will be communicated, which will be given on different dates. According to the qualification, it will be convening for the different available job offers.

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