Enacom promotes the production of audiovisual and radio content on the Malvinas

Enacom promotes the production of audiovisual and radio content on the Malvinas

The National Communications Entity (Enacom) announced a new edition of the Competitive Promotion Fund for Audiovisual Communication Media (Fomeca) aimed at producing content linked to the visibility of Argentine sovereign rights over the Malvinas Islands.

The “Contents 2022” line aims to promote the production of audiovisual and radio content that, within a framework of federalization and from its specific thematic approach, contribute to the promotion of diversity, the plurality of voices, the construction of citizenship and the social inclusion. It is aimed at non-profit social organizations registered in the Public Registry of Signals and Producers, which have the Fomeca Registry granted or in process at the time of registration.

The Fomeca is a tool that allows the redistribution of resources that come from the audiovisual media (taxes and fines) to promote community media, border media and indigenous peoples.

The line is implemented through the call for tenders in two sub-lines: “The Falklands are Argentine” Y “Let’s talk about sovereignty”under the radio or audiovisual microprogram formats.

The maximum subsidy amount for the radio microprogram format is $600,000, while for the audiovisual microprogram it is $2,500,000. The deadline to present the projects is until June 15, 2022.

Contestants may submit a single project. In order to register in this line of Fomeca competition, you must download the Registration Form together with the mandatory documents available in the box “necessary annexes for registration” in the Enacom website.

In addition, the budget estimate must be made on the exclusive microsite, which allows the projection of expenses without incurring inadvertent errors, and download the form obtained in PDF format.

Lastly, in the “Models” box, styles of Letters of Acceptance of the intervening boxes are suggested. These documents, all mandatory, must be completed offline and attached to the process initiated for registration to the 2022 Content Line on the Remote Procedures (TAD) platform.

the subline “The Falklands are Argentine” aims to “contribute to making visible, disseminating and promoting the inalienable, legitimate and imprescriptible sovereignty of the Argentine Republic over the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and the corresponding maritime and insular spaces, as an integral part of the national territory” , as reported by Enacom.

The call is made within the framework of the “Malvinas 40 Years Agenda”, conceived as an official, federal and multidimensional program, promoting the construction of content that promotes the plurality of voices, the construction of citizenship and social inclusion. .

On the other hand, the subline “Let’s talk about sovereignty” Its purpose is to contribute to “making visible, disseminating and promoting the concept of national sovereignty”. The purpose is to “highlight the idea of ​​sovereignty itself as a multifaceted concept.
Sovereignty, as an always open dispute, has been a constant concern since the origins of our history as a Nation and up to the present.”

“It is about the consolidation of the National State as the organizing unit of a society, resignified in the field of ideas and in the decision to build a Nation project and consist of the growth of the economy, the generation of jobs, the greater inclusion, educational quality, science, technology and innovation. Sovereignty also with regard to the land, a scarce and non-renewable resource, and also to the energy, economic, health, food, maritime, technological issue, among many other aspects ” , pointed out from Enacom.

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