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[En fotos] Francisco Mosquera became champion in the World Weightlifting Championship

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The Colombian Francisco Mosquera lifted 325 kilos this Friday in the 67 kilogram division and was crowned champion of the Olympic total in the fifth day of the World Weightlifting Championship that takes place in Bogotá.

Mosquera, world champion in 2017 when the competition was held in Anaheim (United States), managed to lift 143 kilos in snatch and 182 in clean and jerk with which he surpassed the Chinese China Lijun Chen, who won the silver medal (148 and 176) for a total of 324, one kilo less than the local.

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Mosquera’s celebration was noisy and emotional when remembering that a series of knee injuries prevented her from competing in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games and other international events.

The bronze in the Olympic total went to the Thai Weeraphon Wichuma, who added 323 kilos. Before, he posted 143 in the snatch and 180 in the clean and jerk.

Mosquera also climbed to the podium of the winners for the silver disc (182 kilos), which was the “subscription” to achieve gold in the total. The gold went to the Turkish Yusuf Genc, ​​and the bronze went to the Thai Wichuma.

In snatch, the best was the Chinese Chen, followed by the Thai Witnasu Wichuma.

Competitors from Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Thailand, Madagascar, South Korea, China and Colombia sought medals.

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The medal table is dominated by the powerful Chinese team that has won 7 golds, 1 silver and 4 bronzes. Thailand follows him with 5 golds.

Colombia adds 3 gold medalsthree silver and six bronze.

The World Cup, which will end on the 16th of this month, has 550 athletes from 93 countries in action and is the first qualifier for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

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