Employment: more than 415,000 people are looking for work in Lima, according to the INEI

Employment: more than 415,000 people are looking for work in Lima, according to the INEI

The quality of and the levels of hiring have not yet recovered compared to the levels prior to the pandemic, according to the latest report from the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI).

In the quarter from September to November of this year, the employed economically active population (EAP) that is adequately employed in Metropolitan Lima it was located 7.5% below that registered in the same period of 2019. That is, there are 242,200 suitable jobs that have not yet been recovered.

unemployment and underemployment

What has increased is the unemployment rate in the capital, which was 7.6% and meant that 415,100 people were looking for work in those months. The level was higher than the same period of 2019 (6.3%) and than the quarter from August to October of this year (7.2%).

Similar behavior was seen in underemployment, which increased 18.1% in the months of analysis. That is, there are 312,600 more underemployed than before the pandemic.

The data also show that although the employed EAP increased by 4.6% in the analysis period compared to the similar period in 2021, a slowdown is observed from the March-April-May quarter of this year.

In this regard, labor activist Ricardo Herrera explained that a slower progress in job creation was already expected, as a result of lower private investment.

“We still have not recovered the rate of growth of the adequately employed population, and in general the employed EAP grows at a slower rate, for that we need more investment,” he said.

To recover the pre-pandemic figures, the analyst considered that it is necessary to know what the trend of President Dina Boluarte will be in labor matters. In addition, he pointed out that it is necessary to repeal the decree that makes changes to outsourcing (001-2022-TR), and 014-2022, which regulates the Collective Labor Relations Law.

Speaking to this newspaper, the labor leader highlighted the need for a better performance of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for job creation.

“If we close the year with growth of less than 3%, the rate of adequate employment growth slows down, and that is what we are seeing,” he said.

Economic growth

Yesterday, the INEI revealed that, between January and October, the national GDP increased by 2.81%. In 10 months, the sector that registers the greatest drop is Fishing with a decline of 15.61%.

Other sectors with figures in the red are Financial and Insurance (-6.48%), Mining and Hydrocarbons (-1.17%), and Telecommunications and Other Information Services (-0.16%).

Added to this is the fact that in October a 2.01% increase in GDP was observed, which was the highest figure since June of this year.

This month, the item with the highest growth was Lodging and Restaurants with 10.02%.

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