Campaign for the creation of the International Anti-Corruption Court

Campaign for the creation of the International Anti-Corruption Court

Last Thursday, December 8, within the framework of the International Anti-Corruption Day, the presentation of the campaign for the creation of the International Anti-Corruption Court was carried out via zoom. This campaign, promoted by the American organization International Integrity Initiative (, has the Anti-Corruption Institute of Colombia ( as its Latin American spokesperson.

The social organizations, Somos Anticorrupción Paraguay (SAPY) and the Coordinadora de Abogados del Paraguay (COAPY –, as local allies, promoted this space for socialization and debate.

Paraguay was represented by the lawyer María Esther Roa (President of COAPY) with support for the moderation of the lawyer Miriam Benítez Romero (Volunteer Projects in SAPY & COAPY). Representatives of Paraguayan Civil Society participated, such as María Victoria Rivas (CEJ), Hugo Estigarribia, Lissy Sánchez (CIRD), Linda Taiyen (CODELESTE), Juan Pablo Fernández, Manual Doldán, Alberto Cabrera (Fuera Listas Sábana); and from the interior like Michaela Vera, David Bogado and others. In addition to the international representatives of the initiative, such as the lawyer Claudia Escobar (Guatemala, former Appeals Judge), the economist Augusto López – Claros (Bolivia, former director of the Global Indicators Group of the World Bank and the World Economic Forum) and the lawyer Michel Levien (director of the Anti-Corruption Institute and Streiner Anti-Corruption Bureau. Professor at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey).

The pros, cons and challenges of an International Anti-Corruption Court were discussed, in addition to covering the problem of corruption worldwide, the political feasibility of the Court, its benefits, costs and the reasons why it is a necessity today. .

Promoted by COAPY, meetings will be held between civil society organizations around the world that support the initiative (visible from, with the aim of sharing and learning from the experiences of each country in the peaceful fight against corruption and impunity as a common goal. The dates will be communicated to the public by COAPY.

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