Emergency law will be dealt with on Thursday

Emergency law will be dealt with on Thursday

The Permanent Commission will analyze today Wednesday, at 09:00 hours the project of extension of the emergency law. The objective is to define which articles the document will contain. On Thursday the extraordinary sessions of both chambers are scheduled for their treatment. At 9:00 am for Deputies and at 2:00 pm for the Senate.

The Ministry of Health had only requested the extension of the current emergency law. However, as she establishes concessions for other Executive institutions, the legislators were against it. For this reason, they asked the health authorities to draft a new document stating that only the health portfolio will be the beneficiary.

At the beginning of the session, Hernán Martínez, Vice Minister of Health, argued that the law should be extended because the World Health Organization maintains the health emergency. He stated that the first week of January registered a peak in cases due to the expansion of the omicron worldwide.

In terms of numbers, he reported that, from an average of 600 weekly cases, our country went to 6000 only in the last week of December, and to 7000 in the first week of January.
“There is an increase in hospitalizations, as well as deaths. We had an average of 4 deaths per day and now we go to an average of 11 on the last Monday, January 10. The most important indicator is the number of deaths. The peak could increase if there is no progress in vaccination ”, he warned.

He said that the National Constitution must guarantee the life of the population, and for this, the acquisition of vaccines and the signing of agreements with private sanatoriums must be guaranteed.

Sebastián Villarejo, national deputy for Patria Querida (PPQ), was the first of the legislators who was against the extension of the law that expired at the end of December.

This, because articles 6, 10, 11 and 12 establish certain concessions for the Ministry of Justice, the Social Security Institute (IPS), for the Military Hospital and even for the Ministry of Public Works (MOPC).

“The need to rebuild something has not been raised. It worries me greatly in an election year. This extension opens the field to the central government. A bill for the purchase of vaccines and payments to sanatoriums is what is needed ”, he affirmed.

At the request of the legislator, Hernán Martínez promised to prepare a new document where the purchase of vaccines, payment to sanatoriums and, in addition, the hiring of more white personnel is required, taking into account that many are absent due to cases of Covid- 19.

Hugo Richer, national senator for the Guasu Front, urged that the same deputies draft the bill. This, given the distrust transmitted by the Executive. However, his initiative was not supported.

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