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Embassy of Brazil asks attention to Brazilians who are in Ukraine

Understand the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and how it affects Brazil

The Embassy of Brazil in Kiev, Ukraine, issued today (19) a statement to Brazilians who are in that country recommending more attention and asking them to avoid visits to the provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk. According to the Embassy, ​​the recommendation is “in the context of the increase in ceasefire violations recorded at the contact line in eastern Ukraine”.Embassy of Brazil asks attention to Brazilians who are in Ukraine

For Brazilians who are already in these places, the orientation is for them to leave the provinces immediately. “The Embassy of Brazil in Kiev recommends that Brazilians in the country redouble their attention and avoid visiting the Ukrainian provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk. Citizens who are already in these regions are advised to consider leaving them without delay,” he said.

Brazilians in Ukraine also need to be aware of the possibility of further cancellations or postponement of international flights next week. “Lufthansa airline announced this afternoon that it will temporarily suspend its flights from Kiev and Odessa from MondayMonday, 2/21, and at least until the end of the month,” the statement said.

Yesterday (18), the Brazilian ambassador to Ukraine and Moldova, Norton de Andrade Mello Rapesta, had already issued a note to Brazilians residing in or visiting the two countries, according to him, “with the aim of allowing the Brazilian Embassy in Kiev has a more accurate picture of the Brazilian community in Ukraine and Moldova, as well as its size, profile and geographical distribution”.

For this, the ambassador asked Brazilian citizens in the country to fill out a form. “The measure will allow the Embassy to communicate more efficiently with the Brazilian community residing or visiting these countries, if necessary.”

According to Rapesta, the registry is an important instrument for the dissemination of useful information and for the transmission of guidelines in case of emergency situations of any nature.

“Although it is not mandatory, I recommend that everyone dedicate a small portion of their time to complete the registration form, in the link. Citizens who have already registered recently do not need to repeat the process.”

The note ends with the information that under the terms of Decree 7,724, which regulates the Access to Information Law, “the information provided is confidential, for the reserved use of the Consular Sector and can only be shared with the express authorization of the interested party.
I count on everyone’s collaboration to optimize the quality of services provided to our community”.

The accumulation of 150,000 Russian troops on the borders with Ukraine has caused tension in several countries for fear of an invasion. The Moscow government wants to prevent Ukraine from becoming another member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), on the grounds of guaranteeing its own security. Russia wants a commitment from the Kiev government that it will not join the alliance. Leaders of Western countries promise severe sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine.

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