Elon Musk: "They should ask themselves if it is the mobile that owns them"

Elon Musk: “They should ask themselves if it is the mobile that owns them”

the billionaire He is known for his revolutionary ideas, his controversial messages or his podcasts while smoking marijuana. And while he’s all about space travel and wacky stuff, he’s very down to earth when it comes to how technology dominates the user these days.

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Every day the mobile phone acquires more applications and functions. Everyone has a device and, for sure, it is the first and last thing they see when they wake up and go to sleep. It is used for schoolwork, work, socializing, exploring the city, shopping, as well as hanging out watching Tik Tok and a myriad of other things (useful and entertaining). The hours we spend in front of the screen have generated a dependency, especially the time of pandemics, and the tycoon is aware of it.

although he has made his fortune thanks to technology, he does not consider himself a slave to his mobile phone, but he asks, are you?


Elon Musk, in an interview with Business Insider, talked about artificial intelligence, machines and who controls whom, leaving a question that he thinks everyone should ask themselves and that can help change the relationship we have with the mobile phone, if it is necessary.

The founder of Tesla Motors wondered about phones: “Who owns whom?”. In this sense, he explained that today people do everything with the smartphone and that perhaps “They should ask themselves if it is the mobile that owns them” and not the other way around.

On iPhone and Android, for example, there is a system that shows the user how long they use their mobile. According to research published in 2015 by the US National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), people who spend two or more hours a day using social media are more likely to of having mental health problems. How many hours are you pending?

People waiting on their cell phones (Photo: AP)


According to psychologists Mark Griffiths and Daria Kuss, Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom, quoted by the BBC, these questions can help you do a self-assessment.

  • Do you often think about social networks when you are not connected?
  • Do you feel the urge to use them more and more time?
  • Do you use them to avoid personal problems?
  • Do you often try unsuccessfully to limit its use?
  • Does it make you anxious not being able to use them?
  • Do you feel they have a negative impact on your work, relationships or studies?

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