Elite Cup and Pérez Scremini Foundation, together in a #PartidoContraElCáncer

This #PartidoContraElCáncer aimed to raise funds to collaborate with the Pérez Scremini Foundation, an organization that is a benchmark in curing cancer in children and adolescents in Uruguay.

This is the first year in which the Elite Cup is played, crossing teams from the Río de la Plata. And this year it had the participation of 16 teams: 8 Uruguayans and 8 Argentines. All matches can continue to be watched through the official IESA channel on Twitch.

The cup was organized through a co-production between IESA and Grupo Punto, through its new Fan entertainment unit, and also had the collaboration of the FUFV.

Elite Cup and Pérez Scremini Foundation together against cancer

On the other hand, this year the Pérez Scremini Foundation is completing 10 years of work for the cure of cancer in children and adolescents. To continue growing and helping the bravest, it needs everyone’s collaboration.

In addition, this campaign had the collaboration of various celebrities from Argentina and Uruguay, including soccer players, streamers and other referents of the digital world.

Therefore, to donate you can do it through this link:

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