Elías Wessin ante tema haitiano: «Deportación masiva ilegales y Servicio Militar Obligatorio»

Elías Wessin on the Haitian issue: «Illegal mass deportation and Compulsory Military Service»

The President and National Deputy of the Christian Democratic Quisqueyano Party, (PQDC), Elías Wessin Chávezcalled for putting on the debate table the possibility of Compulsory military service and mass deportation of illegal Haitian in Dominican territory.

“We have to discuss compulsory military service in the Dominican Republic. You have to find the resources, loans are taken for things that do not have the importance that this should have, “said the legislator.

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«An illegal deportation plan. Now we have the neighborhoods of Santo Domingo and the National District, on the outskirts, we practically have ghettos of Haitians who don’t know how to speak Spanish, they are learning now. That detects that they are illegal”, he indicated.

Interviewed on the show «Now with Oscar Haza» broadcast in the city of Miami, Elias Wessin Chavez; he stated that the Stadium must assume heroic measures and not be carried away by globalist currents.

“We must take heroic measures, we cannot let ourselves be carried away by globalist currents that do not want borders,” said the renowned congressman.

“It is a very worrying situation; We are no longer talking about an immigration issue per se. But of a permanent invasion and occupation of territory and space that belong to us Dominicans; that do not belong to them,” added Elías Wessin Chávez.

He warned that the events that have occurred in recent days, such as the one in Ciudad Juan Bosch, merit heroic measures on the part of the Government.

«Right now there is a danger, there have been dangerous insistent in recent days and heroic measures must be taken. The Government of Luis Abinader must take heroic measures to avoid this situation, “said the president of the PQDC.

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Regarding the construction of the wall on the border of the Dominican Republic with Haiti, he said that “the wall began and it must end, a technological wall such as Israel with Palestine.”

Deputies Elías Wessin speaks on the Haitian issue in the DR from Miami.

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