An inmate was murdered in the ExComcar

An inmate was murdered in the ExComcar

The Federation of User Housing Cooperatives for Prior Savings (Fecovi) paid tribute to the figure of Ricardo Pisciottano, former director of the organization who died on February 16 of this year, which consisted in discovering a plaque with which the name is given to the Session Room.

At the time of his death, Pisciottano held the vice presidency of Fecovi, a position he assumed in October of last year after leaving the presidency after several periods. In addition, throughout his life he held other positions in the Federation.

The act in memory of this outstanding figure of the cooperative movement that was held on April 25 was attended by his closest family and friends, directors of Fecovi and the cooperative movement in general, the president of the Uruguayan Confederation of Cooperative Entities (Cudecoop), Alicia Maneiro, the president of the National Institute of Cooperativism, Martín Fernández, and the Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning, Irene Moreira.

The president of Fecovi, Alberto Raffo, remembered Pisciottano as a “undoer of wrongs”. “That’s what his friends called him because they knew he was a person who could talk with everyone, with Tyrians and Trojans, and get them to agree on cooperativism,” he said.

“It is difficult to talk about a friend. This for me is an act of joy. Although we attend to remember a person who died, it has to be an act of joy because few people can have the call that Pisciottano has, ”she said.

Raffo divided the life of the honoree into three facets: as a Mathematics teacher, as a cooperative leader and as a family member. “He was an excellent teacher. He had his private academy where he was highly regarded. He helped several engineers to take the exams of the Faculty. He was not just any math teacher. He was one who knew a lot,” he stated.

In reference to his militancy in cooperatives, he pointed out that few people in Uruguay have held the positions that he held. “In the first place, he was president of his cooperative (Cooperativa Matriz de Vivienda Malvín Norte, better known as Vicman), in which he worked until the last moment, but he also held a primordial place in the Federation, in which he was one of the factotums of its development. In addition, he participated in the Cudecoop and Inacoop boards”, he narrated.

Meanwhile, he maintained he was a person who never neglected or forgot his family. “Now in recent times I saw little of him, but he always remembered the trip to Switzerland and the grandchildren. He did not (never) neglect his family, ”he concluded.


The link between Ricardo Pisciottano and the cooperative movement arose in 1974 when he joined the Malvín Norte Housing Cooperative, better known as Vicman, where he lived until his last day.

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