Elementary students use chairs from the initial level

Elementary students use chairs from the initial level

In the absence of furniture, some students of the Sebastian Barranca School in the province of Camaná they use the initial level chairs that were donated by the Immaculate Conception institution 3 years ago.

The director, Ivonne Granda Monroy, reported that the chairs are iEnough for the 1,500 schoolchildren who study in 48 classroomswhich is why they added small chairs in some classrooms where third, fourth and fifth year elementary school students also attend.

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To meet the capacity, the students attend alternately, one group attends on Mondays and Wednesdays and others on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The other days are virtual.

In the Sebastián Barranca institution they request the donation of a thousand folders

The director received this year a budget of 25 thousand soles for the hygiene kit to purchase alcohol, liquid soap, paper towels and other products for cleaning the rooms and only 9 thousand soles for infrastructure maintenance.

Of this last amount, it was spent on the improvement of hygienic services and the installation of sinksfor which they requested the Regional Government of Arequipa the endowment of 9 thousand folders.

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