Electricity generation deficit causes day of blackouts in Cuba

The deficit of electricity generation in Cuba It reached 880 megawatts (MW) this Tuesday at peak demand, a number that brought it closer to those registered at the most critical moments of the crisis suffered during almost all of 2022.

According to the Electrical Union (Une)the affectations to the energy distribution service began shortly after dawn and lasted for more than 20 hours, in which there was no capacity to cover the demanded generation.

This situation was influenced by the high number of Thermoelectric Power Plants (CTE) out of service due to breakdowns or scheduled maintenance, among them the Antonio Guiteras, the unitary block with the greatest capacity and efficiency.

As reported, Guiteras is in the start-up process and must synchronize this Wednesday with the National Electroenergetic System (SEN) to contribute 200 MW.

La Une points out that, in addition, eight units from Mariel, two from Santa Cruz, six from CTE Nuevitas and four and six from CTE Renté receive maintenance.

Along with this, units six and seven of Mariel, one of Santa Cruz, four of CTE Nuevitas, two of Felton and unit three of CTE Renté remain out of service due to breakdowns.

The statement indicates that due to technological limitations, 172 Mw are no longer generated and that in distributed generation 832 Mw are unavailable due to breakdowns and another 421 Mw due to maintenance work.

However, Une predicts that the situation will improve slightly this Wednesday, although the effects on the electricity supply will continue throughout the day, with a maximum deficit of 550 Mw per day.

Electricity generation deficit grows in Cuba after almost a month without affectations

The report issued specifies that in the hours of greatest demand an availability of 2,455 MW and a maximum demand of 2,900 MW are estimated, for a deficit of 445 MW, therefore, if the forecast conditions are maintained, an affectation of 515 MW is forecast in this schedule.

This deficit in the generation of electricity was alerted at the beginning of the years by directors of the Une, attending to a maintenance plan for the main CTEs in the country, the vast majority with more than three decades of operation, which causes continuous stoppages due to breakdowns. and cuts to service in almost the entire country.

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