Electoral Prosecutor’s Office warns public entities that the use of property for political purposes is prohibited

On December 13, the General Electoral Prosecutor’s Office (FGE) sent a circular to various public entities where it warns that the use of State assets and resources for political purposes is prohibited.

The circular arises as a result of acts, widely disseminated on social networks, that record the possible commission of electoral crimes.

“The circular, for the purposes of the Electoral General Prosecutor’s Office, is of utmost importance since we are telling the ministers, the directors of autonomous entities about their responsibility in these situations,” said Luis Guerra, alternate electoral attorney general.

He added that, in the letter, it was recalled that whoever allows the use of state assets and resources for political purposes will be sanctioned. According to article 471 of the Electoral Code, the sanction contemplates a prison sentence of six months to three years, the suspension of citizenship rights and the disqualification from the exercise of public functions.

Meanwhile, the electoral general attorney, Dilio Arcia, stated that the powers of that office are “limited” in its ability to investigate deputies and other officials.

Arcia affirmed that news in the media or “glosses” do not work as evidence to advance investigations.

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