Electoral Power joins the requests to withdraw Nicaragua from the OAS

The Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) – controlled by operators of the Sandinista Front – issued an agreement this Thursday in which it joins the Legislative and Justice powers to ask President Daniel Ortega to begin the process of leaving Nicaragua from the Organization of American States (OAS).

In this way, all the powers of the State, completely subordinate to the dictatorship, have spoken out requesting the withdrawal of Nicaragua from the regional body, so it only remains for Ortega, as head of the Executive Power, to pronounce and start the process, denouncing the Charter of the OAS.

This harmony of the powers of the State has been described by analysts as a regime strategy to fabricate a supposed consensus of the country around the departure of the regional body.

The CSE agreement is practically a copy of the pronouncements issued, first by the Legislative Branch, and then by the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), in which the OAS is accused of “undermining the sovereignty and self-determination of Nicaragua” by the condemnations made by the member countries of the regional body for political violence, destruction of the democratic system and violation of human rights by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

The agreement, signed by all Ortega operators who preside over the Electoral Power, points out that they support and adhere to the resolution of the Legislative Power, for which reason “we condemn the obsessive and interfering attitude of the OAS, which constantly seeks to undermine our condition as a sovereign and independent State, for which we reject all these interference actions that violate the our people’s right to self-determination ”.

Finally, in their fourth point they make a request to Ortega to denounce this instrument by virtue of Article 143 of the OAS Charter and of passage to the process of leaving the organism.

According to article 143 of the Charter of the OAS, it may be denounced by any of the member states, by means of a written communication to the General Secretariat, which will communicate in each case to the others the notification of denunciation that it receives.

“After two years have elapsed from the date on which the General Secretariat receives a notification of denunciation, this Letter will cease to have effect with respect to the complainant State, and the latter will be separated from the Organization after having complied with the obligations arising from this present letter. Letter ”, he adds.

The resolution of the National Assembly was approved by 83 votes of deputies and the collaborators of the dictatorship. In the case of the certification of the Judicial Power, it was signed by all the magistrates, with the exception of the magistrate Virgilio Gurdián, for reasons that are unknown to date.

The OAS condemnation of the electoral farce

On November 12, the Ortega regime suffered a political defeat in the General Assembly of Foreign Ministers of the OAS, when 25 countries approved the resolution that declared “no democratic legitimacy” the voting, in which the Sandinista leader was re-elected for the third consecutive time, without political competition and without democratic guarantees.

The OAS Foreign Ministers established November 30 as the deadline for the Permanent Council to carry out a “collective assessment” of the situation in the country, “in accordance with the OAS Charter and the Inter-American Democratic Charter,” and to “take appropriate actions, ”which would put the Ortega regime in the face of a possible suspension of the body.

Furthermore, this week the regime has been hit hard for a round of sanctions against its key officials and several of its main political operators on the part of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Also, this Tuesday, US President Joe Biden issued an executive order suspending and restricts the entry of Daniel Ortega, Rosario Murillo and any official of their regime to North American territory, including spouses, sons and daughters, as part of the pressure measures of this country to achieve the restoration of democracy and civil liberties in Nicaragua.

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