Carapebus voters elect new mayor on Sunday

Electoral Justice summons poll workers who will work in the elections

The Electoral Justice began to call today (5) the poll workers who will work in the October elections. In this year’s election, about 2 million will collaborate with the assistance to the voter in the polling stations, in the justification posts and in the logistical support in the first and second rounds. Electoral Justice summons poll workers who will work in the elections

People who signed up to work as poll workers or who were summoned to provide the service on election day will receive an official document from the Electoral Justice in physical form or by message and email application. The communication criteria will be established by each regional electoral court (TRE).

After the call, the poll workers will undergo a virtual training, in which they will receive information about the procedures that must be adopted during the voting and solutions to any problems that may arise.

Voters under the age of 18 cannot be polling stations, as well as relatives of candidates, members of political parties, occupants of positions of trust in the Executive Power and Electoral Justice servants.

The first round will be held on October 2, when voters go to the polls to elect the President of the Republic, governors, senators, federal, state and district deputies.

An eventual second round for the presidential race and the state governments will be on October 30th.

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