Elections in France: Macron seeks to convince the left after qualifying for the second round

French President Emmanuel Macron advanced to the second round of the presidential election, closely followed by far-right Marine Le Pen. At his headquarters, supporters of his re-election candidate wavered between fear and satisfaction over a rating amidst a climate of great social tension.

The atmosphere was very tense before the results were known in the headquarters set up by the Emmanuel Macron campaign for journalists and militants. There were some estimates that even gave a technical tie between Le Pen and Macron. But at 8 p.m., relief came. His candidate qualified for the second round, although the far-right Marine Le Pen was on his heels.

The militants felt exultant, like Bárbara Granatelli, head of the official party La República en Marcha in the 15th district of Paris. After weeks of handing out flyers in the street and talking to convince the population, she was “very happy because the opinion polls in recent days were wrong because Marine Le Pen was lower than predicted. On the other hand, Macron obtained a higher result than in 2017. I am extremely proud of that because it means that all the work of these five years has paid off, that people recognize him and that he has a vision of the country that the rest do not have. ”, points out the political person in charge.

Recover the votes of the left against the extreme right

There the militants changed the focus of their attention. Once the place is secured in the second round, you have to start thinking about victory against a candidate who has managed to maneuver very skillfully, making the loss of purchasing power her workhorse.

Marine Le Pen has softened her image as a relentless far-right, but her proposals continue to frighten a good part of the militants in favor of Macron such as Federico. “All those values ​​that are in France, for which I am here, would be threatened by a person who does not respect immigrants or anyone. Rights are worth nothing to that person, ”he assures RFI this Argentine installed in France for more than a decade, referring to the candidate of National Regrouping, former National Front.

The room erupted in applause every time one of the candidates who did not make it to the second round announced that he was calling for a vote for Emmanuel Macron or against Marine Le Pen in the second round, closing ranks against the far right under the “republican bloc “.

The large reserve of votes to bring Macron back to the Elysee is obviously on the left, with almost 30% of voters if we add the results obtained by all the progressive candidates. Especially important will be what the voters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon (left), who finished third in the election, do. From the government, ministers like Sophie Cluzel, who is in charge of one of the most social portfolios, that of the disabled, believes that it is possible to capture votes from the left.

“I want to speak with all the voters, in particular with the voters of Melenchon. We have a true partnership project. A project that leaves no one behind. A project, too, for people who vote to the left: social protection, raising pensions, automatically delivering social assistance, to prevent people from getting lost in the complexity of the system. Reform aid to the elderly. Expand the work of helping the disabled, who are 12 million, and 8 million people who assist them. It is a project that mixes emancipation and protection,” says Minister Cluzel.

Macron, conciliatory and open to dialogue

A tone and an analysis that coincide with the conciliatory, calm and constructive image that the outgoing president wanted to show tonight in his speech. Emmanuel Macron has been the last of the great candidates for the first round of the presidential election to address voters.

He has promised to answer questions about the evolution of the country from voters who opt for the extreme right, with issues such as the fight against radical Islam. “I want France to fight against Islamist separatism, but through secularism it allows everyone to believe or not believe. I do not believe in a France that prevents Muslims or Jews from eating as their religion prescribes. We are not like that! “ the president has cried.

Macron has not stopped winking at the left-wing electorate during his speech, at the same time as he responded to Le Pen in what has been his battle horse of these elections, purchasing power.

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