Elections in Commons: the lists that face each other for the directive after the Karina Oliva case

Elections in Commons: the lists that face each other for the directive after the Karina Oliva case

The Comunes party has already set a date for its next elections: May 8 next. This process, which has already been ratified by its General Council, will include the election of its new directive, which will be disputed by two lists and which occurs after the case of eventual fraud on some of its militants.

After a report by Ciper revealed that seven advisers to the campaign for metropolitan governor of karina oliveincluding the party chairman, Jorge Ramirezreceived 137 million pesos for campaign expenses, the Supreme Court of the community determined the expulsion of the militants involved.

Currently, they have a transitory directive and a future election has already been established to have one democratically elected at the polls, a process in which two lists will participate. On the one hand, In the street we are moreled by the mayor of Macul, Gonzalo Montoyawhich has in its ranks militants belonging to the Oliva and Ramírez sector and, on the other, United Listheaded by sociologist Marco Velarde.

In this context, the United List will hold a face-to-face meeting prior to the start of the campaign, tomorrow, Saturday, at the Casona Ukamau, located in Estación Central.

The instance can be read as a show of force by the sectors that have harshly confronted the bloc of Karina Oliva and Jorge Ramírez.

It is an alliance that brings together various sectors of the community, such as its three councils, Claudia Mix, Camila Rojas and Emilia Schneider and their respective teams (each forming tendencies within the Party), the Minister of National Assets, Javiera Bullthe undersecretary Giorgio Boccardo (both linked to what is known as “autonomism”) and by social leaders such as Doris Gonzalezfrom Ukamau, a sector that joins the party from a more social sphere.

The list, in addition to being led by the sociologist and former student leader Marco Velarde, is made up of Josephine Villar (General Secretary), Roland Espinoza (Executive Secretary), JM Carvajal, Consuelo Chambers, Victoria Herrera and Jennifer Lazo (all vice presidencies).

In addition, United List has as some of its main priorities “internal democratization, probity and active transparency in the administration of the party and seeks to broaden the social bases of the government as a way to support the process of change opened within the framework of the social outbreak”, according to what was stated. Velarde.

Thus, these are priorities that clearly seek to definitively leave behind the damage caused by the accusations of fraud against Oliva and Ramírez, which are currently being investigated by the courts, and the leader also expresses this.

“These elections will determine whether the party remains under the administration of a group involved in bad practices and lack of probity or begins a path of refoundation, restructuring its organization to democratize and decentralize decision-making that were captured by the previous directive”, Held.

Finally, he highlights that, if elected, “Comunes will bet on being an articulating actor between the demands of the street and the Government. We do not lose sight of the fact that the Constitutional Convention and the presidency of Gabriel Boric they were achieved thanks to the mobilization of anonymous Chileans. The base of support for our program is citizenship and we cannot lose that connection.”



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