Elections 2022: Know what you need to bring on polling day

Elections 2022: Know what you need to bring on polling day

The voter will be able to exercise their right to vote, this Sunday (2), with only an official document with photo. It can be an identity card, driver’s license, passport, certificate of reservist, functional identity issued by a class body and even a work card.Elections 2022: Know what you need to bring on polling day

Look here the complete list of valid documents to vote.

According to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), these documents can be used even if the expiration date has expired. Birth or marriage certificates, on the other hand, are not valid as proof of identity when voting. There is, therefore, no obligation to carry the voter registration card, which often the person cannot even locate at home on election day, as it is a document that is rarely used in everyday life.

However, it is critical to know the polling place, such as zone and polling station. Therefore, having the title in hand can be useful, but this information can be easily consulted in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) page on the Internet.

The voter also has the option to vote by presenting the e-Título, an Electoral Justice application in which it is possible to consult and download the voter registration card itself, in digital version, and access services such as the issuance of electoral discharge certificates, consultation of the place of voting and even justifying the absence, if unable to vote. The app can be downloaded from mobile app stores or tablet.

If the person has already made the biometric registration (with fingerprints) at the Electoral Court, the profile in the e-Título will be accompanied by a photo. In this case, it is not even necessary to present an official document with a photo, as the polling station can attest to the identification at the time of voting. The voter’s image will only appear on the e-Título if he has made the biometric registration. If the photograph does not appear, it will also be necessary to bring an official document with a photo when voting.

It is worth remembering that this year the TSE prohibited voters from entering the voting booth with a cell phone, camera, camcorder or similar. So, even if you present digital documentation on your cell phone, such as e-Título or other valid identification document, after confirming your identity, the device will remain with the polling station while the voter proceeds to vote.

Under current rules, poll workers must ask voters, before voting, if they are wearing any of the devices in question, which could interfere with vote secrecy. If the answer is affirmative, the object must be delivered until the conclusion of the voting process. Otherwise, the receiving desk must prevent the person from voting, record the details of the situation in minutes and call the police force and the electoral judge. Regional electoral courts are empowered to use hand-held metal detectors to prevent the use of electronic equipment in the voting booth.

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