Elections 2022: JNE supervised the second day of training for polling station members for internal elections

The (JNE) was in charge of supervising the second day of training of the members of the table that carried out the(ONPE) for the internal elections that will be held on May 15 and 22, with a view to the .

The electoral entity reported that they were 211 provincial and district inspectors from the National Directorate of Inspection and Electoral Processes (DNFPE) who carried out this work on May 7 between 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in approximately 200 polling places where ONPE organized training for polling station members, regulars and alternates.

In that sense, he explained that the attendance of the militants of the political organizations that will exercise this position during the next internal elections was verified and verified that they were instructed as stipulated in the manual of the ONPE.

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Likewise, the JNE pointed out that it was verified that the contents offered in the talks were adjusted to the norms, in addition to the fact that the transmission of the information was done in a clear, didactic way and that the approved electoral material was used.

computation drill

The judge The National Elections Office was also in charge of supervising the simulation of the computation of results carried out by the ONPEwith the purpose of verifying the correct operation for internal elections.

This test was carried out at the ONPE headquarters, with the execution of the verification program of the electoral software and the execution of the zeroing in the servers of the electoral body. In both cases, the respective reports were issued through the Results Computation System (SCORE).

The zeroing of the electoral computing system consisted in the elimination of the records from the database, through the electoral softwarewhich runs on the aforementioned servers to start the processing of the electoral records.

After that, the corresponding act was signed by the representatives of the JNE and the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Renieck), ONPE and technical representatives of the attending political organizations.


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