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Abdo talks about achievements and having been “the nation’s guide”, but forgets shortcomings in the pandemic

President Mario Abdo Benítez assured that each deceased by COVID-19 “is a Paraguayan family that he carries on his shoulders” and mentioned some achievements in the pandemic, forgetting the serious shortcomings in the government’s management.

During an act held this Sunday at the Petropar alcohol plant in the town of Mauricio José Troche, the President of the Republic gave a speech in which he spoke, among other topics, about his management during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this sense, he highlighted some of the achievements of the current government in health matters, such as the increase in the number of intensive care beds and oxygen plants, in addition to the reinforcement of white personnel to provide care to patients.

“Many asked me if I would have liked to be president in easier times and I am a believer in the challenges that God gave me. I used to say in our campaign that God gives the most difficult battles to his best soldiers and I don’t change what I put up against”, he expressed.

Abdo Benítez assured that for him it was “a great honor to have been the guide of the nation” in one of its most difficult moments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which claimed the lives of thousands of compatriots.

At another point, he spoke precisely about the deaths that have occurred as a result of this disease and said that he felt great sorrow for the lives that have been lost in the last two years.

“They do not know the pain we feel many times when in their time the Ministry of Health number of deaths per day came out, for me it was a Paraguayan family that I carried on my shoulders at night,” said the head of state.

In his speech, the President of the Republic forgot to mention the multiple shortcomings that marked his management of the pandemic, which even almost cost him his job, taking into account the political trial brought against him in March of last year.

On that occasion, opposition deputies had presented an accusatory libel requesting the removal of the head of the Executive due to situations such as ineptitude in handling the pandemic, the late purchase of anti-COVID vaccines, the negotiation with supplies and beds from China. , the lack of medicines for COVID patients such as Atracurio and Midazolam.

There are several who consider that timely and faster actions by the National Government, especially in the purchase of vaccines, ICU beds and medicines, could have prevented the death of hundreds of Paraguayans.

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