TSE closes registration and celebrates high enlistment for the 2022 Elections

Election Observation Mission must be accredited by July 5

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) published a public call notice for the accreditation of national Electoral Observation Missions (EOM) that want to follow the procedures for carrying out the 2022 Elections. Interested parties have until July 5 to register.Election Observation Mission must be accredited by July 5

At the opening of the plenary session of this ThursdayOn Friday (2), the president of the TSE, Minister Edson Fachin, invited civil society entities and higher education institutions to register.

“I make, in the name of the Electoral Justice, an appeal, ThuIt is a real call to universities, civil society entities and organizations, academic institutions of higher education, public or private, and institutes that research electoral matters to obtain accreditation”, said Fachin.

This is the first time that the TSE publishes a broad call notice for national EOMs. A pilot plan was carried out in the 2020 Elections, with Electoral Transparency Brazil.

Fachin highlighted that the measure complies with the recommendation of the Organization of American States (OAS), in the monitoring report of the 2018 elections made by the institution. “Stimulating the participation of national observer missions is in line with international best practices,” said Fachin.

With the publication of the call notice, the TSE wants to make the suitability of the claim more robust. “Assaulting untruths, disseminating disinformation, creating fictitious stirs, fermenting unfounded doubts against the electronic voting system – in force for 26 years in the country, without any evidence of proven fraud – means attacking the correct performance of the Electoral Justice”, said the minister. .

The TSE counts on the adhesion of a record number of Electoral Observation missions, formed by international institutions and organizations. There will be at least six such delegations, already confirmed to accompany the 2022 Elections.

According to the norms of the Electoral Justice, the missions, whether national or international, aim to: observe the fulfillment of the national electoral norms; collaborate for social control in the different stages of the electoral process; and verify the impartiality and effectiveness of the organization, direction, supervision, administration and execution of the electoral process.

The call notice can be found at TSE portal.

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